Welcome to Iconic One Sophia Condo: Be Part & Parcel of This Multi-Storey Complex with 10-Storey Block & 32-Storey Tower!

The living units come with high-spec features and finishes. With its location in the heritage district of Singapore, it’s the perfect investment. Its proximity to the Central Business District means that it’s convenient to the many shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Residents have plenty of options for getting around, with a number of MRT stations and bus stops nearby. All in all, One Sophia Condo is a great choice for anyone looking to make an investment or for those seeking to make a home in the heart of Singapore.

Built in 1977, the iconic One Sophia Condo is home to 319 strata units, with 232 commercial units, 86 residential apartments, and a 162-space car park. It stands proud as a multi-storey complex housing a 10-storey front podium block and a 32-storey tower at the rear. One Sophia Condo is naturally the point of reference in the area.

The URA Master Plan highlights the importance of enhancing connectivity around the Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut areas, which is especially beneficial for the residents of One Sophia Condo. Greater access to reliable transportation, ranging from public transit to pedestrian-friendly pathways, helps to provide an easier way of travelling within the city. This focus on creating an interconnected district is key for city dwellers who value convenience and being able to get around with ease.

One Sophia Condo, former Peace Centre shopping mall and the adjoining Peace Mansion apartment complex, situated on Sophia Road, has been sold for S$650 million after five collective sale attempts, meeting the reserve price. A consortium, comprising of CEL Development, Sing-Haiyi Crystal, and Ultra Infinity, is the buyer, and the new development is named One Sophia Condo.

One Sophia Condo, a luxurious development situated in the vibrant heart of Singapore, offers an unparalleled amalgamation of sophistication and convenience. It lies in close proximity to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, granting occupants of this prestigious development swift access to the city. Moreover, being just a few steps away from Orchard Road, the well-known shopping and entertainment mecca of Singapore, One Sophia Condo promises an unrivaled lifestyle proposition. It stands as a symbol of urban living, exemplifying the perfect balance between opulence and connectivity.

The URA Master Plan places a strong emphasis on sustainability and future-readiness, meaning that developments such as One Sophia Condo have been crafted with an eye towards readying the living environment for future challenges. Environmental sustainability is a hot topic of conversation nowadays, and this is something that a lot of modern homebuyers and investors consider when making their decisions. One Sophia Condo promises to provide the perfect combination of contemporary living and sensible preparedness for the future.

One Sophia Condo offers more than just connectivity and convenience, it also offers a lifestyle. Situated close to some of Singapore’s most popular cultural and recreational venues, such as the Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore and Fort Canning Park, One Sophia Condo is an ideal investment for those looking to enjoy a range of cultural experiences and an abundance of green spaces to relax and unwind. With the added advantage of One Sophia Condo, residents can immerse themselves in Singapore’s rich tapestry of culture and recreation.

One Sophia Condo is a great example of luxury living in Singapore, blending comfort with incredible connectedness. Set near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, it is efficiently linked with the main expressways and roads, making it an ideal residence. Moreover, its close proximity to the popular Orchard Road, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and various cultural attractions make One Sophia Condo a highly desirable location for anyone seeking an energetic and connected urban living experience in Singapore. With all these advantages, it is no wonder that One Sophia Condo is a veritable beacon of urban living in Singapore.

At the doorstep of One Sophia Condo lies Dhoby Ghaut, a lively area renowned for its wild variety of shopping and dining experiences. Plaza Singapura is at the heart of this district and functions as a shopping mall that caters to every whim and fancy. Occupying an expansive area, Plaza Singapura has over 300 retail outlets, satisfying the needs of all shoppers with its wide selection of fashion, beauty, electronic and home furnishing items. For those wanting to savor delicious meals, there are various dining establishments close by, such as Tim Ho Wan, Hoshino Coffee, and The Assembly Ground, which offer a wide range of cuisines to appease all food cravings. Moreover, this great location also has the added advantage of being situated in the vicinity of One Sophia Condo, making it an ideal spot for residents of the condo to enjoy its offerings.

The URA Master Plan for Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut is more than just a blueprint for urban development; it is a vision that enhances the quality of life for its inhabitants, including those at One Sophia Condo. The Plan offers multifold benefits such as improved property value, amplified investment potential, refined lifestyle, and enhanced convenience. Moreover, it provides One Sophia Condo with an amazing living experience that only a well-thought-out plan can bring. Property values are expected to appreciate with the urban transformation provided by the Master Plan, and it will create myriad investment opportunities for those living at One Sophia Condo. Furthermore, improved transportation networks, shopping, dining, and recreational options are just some of the lifestyle and convenience benefits that the Master Plan ensures for One Sophia Condo.

The renowned shopping paradise of Orchard Road is set to undergo a series of enhancements under the URA Master Plan. This revitalization effort seeks to make it a more pedestrian-friendly zone, diversify the retail experiences, and introduce green spaces. One Sophia Condo naturally adds to this plan, with its own green spaces, increased pedestrian walkways and a diverse mix of retail experiences. It will be designed to bring about a new mix of entertainment, leisure and lifestyle offerings to the area. Furthermore, the development will also feature innovative public spaces with art and cultural installations. By 2025, all these initiatives are expected to bring about a new vibrancy to the district.

The area surrounding One Sophia Condo is dotted with educational enrichment centers and learning facilities. They offer supplementary education in Mathematics, Science, and English as well as offering enrichment activities such as music, arts, and coding, all designed to promote holistic development. One Sophia Condo is ideally located near these centers, naturally providing children with the opportunity to benefit from such resources.
Those looking for a truly unique dining experience however, can find it at One Sophia Condo, located just a few minutes away from Orchard Road.

Orchard Road is a paradise for food lovers, with a plethora of dining choices from upscale restaurants to casual eateries. Food Hall at Takashimaya has something to suit all palates, with a range of local and global culinary delights. ION Orchard’s Food Opera provides diners with the best of Singapore’s hawker fare. If you are looking for something special, then why not head over to One Sophia Condo, situated just a few minutes away from Orchard Road. One Sophia Condo presents a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

JLL Executive Director Tan Hong Boon highlighted the central location and excellent access to six MRT stations of One Sophia Condo, suggesting that it will be a naturally well-connected mixed-use development. He further highlighted the prime location of the development and its convenient access to the rest of Singapore. One Sophia will prove to be an attractive destination for the homebuyers, investors, and tourists alike.

For those seeking a holistic education, the nearby School of the Arts (SOTA) is the perfect choice. It offers a unique blend of arts and academic education, tailored to students with a flair for the arts. Furthermore, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), renowned for its academic excellence and character building, lies within easy reach, providing a comprehensive education that will go a long way in preparing students for the future. Residents of One Sophia Condo will have the benefit of these educational facilities at their doorstep.

Just a stone’s throw away lies Somerset, renowned for its youthful energy and chic lifestyle choices. 313@Somerset, an iconic spot in the area, boasts an array of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle outlets. Shopping enthusiasts can head to Zara, Uniqlo, and Cotton On for an amazing selection of goods, while foodies can take their pick from restaurants like Food Republic and Marché Mövenpick. For a more modern experience, head to the nearby Orchard Gateway, which offers boutique stores and eateries that perfectly capture the vibrant spirit of Somerset. And to make your stay even more enjoyable, you can experience the best of life in the city at One Sophia Condo.

The URA Master Plan’s comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut is anticipated to bring about a rise in real estate values in the surrounding area. One Sophia Condo, nestled nearby these pivotal areas, is set to reap the rewards of this boost. The augmented services, strengthened links, and the booming appeal of the district are likely to make One Sophia Condo an even more attractive choice for both investors and occupants, enhancing demand and real estate values. One Sophia Condo naturally stands to benefit from this uplift.

One Sophia Condo offers the perfect balance between Singapore’s past and present. Situated at the intersection of the country’s cultural heritage and modern growth, it provides a unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. With its proximity to the iconic landmarks of Little India and Kampong Glam, One Sophia Condo residents can discover the diverse culture and age-old traditions of local Singaporean life. Not to be outdone, the condo’s location close to the CBD and Marina Bay area means that those who live here can be right at the centre of all the action of the city’s rapidly changing urban landscape. One Sophia Condo gives its residents a taste of Singapore’s past, present and future – all under one roof.
Parents can look forward to being in close proximity to these acclaimed institutions when their children come of age.

One Sophia Condo is optimally located to lend convenience to those persuing higher levels of education. It borders Singapore Management University (SMU), renowned for its business and law programs, and is close to award-winning educational institutions such as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and LASALLE College of the Arts. With One Sophia Condo nearby, parents can have the assurance of being near quality learning institutions when their children come of age.

Living at One Sophia Condo is an excellent opportunity with access to many educational institutions. The peaceful environment and modern amenities of the condo create a conducive setting for students to further their learning and growth. From study rooms to quiet areas, One Sophia Condo provides a serene atmosphere for residents to focus on educational pursuits without distraction. The natural tranquility of the condo offers a perfect setting for students to further their studies, in conjunction with the modern amenities and facilities available. Whether one is a resident or just visiting, One Sophia Condo is a great option when it comes to finding a conducive environment for learning.

The proximity of One Sophia Condo to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station is one of its greatest benefits. Located at a major interchange station along the North-South, North-East, and Circle Lines, residents enjoy the convenience of effortless travel to various parts of Singapore. In addition to the MRT network, One Sophia Condo is also well-connected to a wide range of bus services, making it easy to commute or explore the city. With One Sophia Condo naturally, residents can look forward to a stress-free lifestyle that lets them get around the city with ease.

The plan for the Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut precincts also includes incorporating arts and culture into the area. This will likely include a range of events, activities and installations, providing One Sophia Condo residents with an enhanced lifestyle abundantly filled with culture right at their doorstep. With the convenience of being in close proximity to numerous cultural venues and entertainment options, the living experience at One Sophia Condo inherently becomes much more desirable for a wide range of demographic, including expatriates and local arts fans.

The transformation of Orchard Road, improved connectivity, creation of verdant spaces, and cultural enrichment all contribute to elevate the lifestyle of One Sophia Condo. With the convenience of living in a vibrant and ever-changing city, One Sophia Condo has become a highly sought-after address in the heart of Singapore. Residents at One Sophia Condo can take full advantage of the perks and benefits that come with this exceptional condo and have the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of a dynamic and enriching urban environment.

One Sophia Condo is the ultimate in city living. Strategically located near Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset and Orchard Road, it offers unbeatable access to Singapore’s top shopping and dining spots. When combined with the easy access provided by public transport, it is easy to see why One Sophia Condo is so desirable. Not only does it provide luxury and modern comforts but this residential address is also a lifestyle destination for those seeking the best of Singapore’s urban living. From its premium location to the vibrant dining and shopping scenes, One Sophia Condo offers a truly unique experience – a place where residents can indulge in the city’s best offerings, all in an upmarket, modern setting.

One Sophia Condo is a savvy residential choice for anyone looking for the best when it comes to education. Located conveniently close to a variety of highly respected schools, ranging from kindergarten to university, One Sophia Condo provides both an ideal environment for learning and a comfortable lifestyle. This perfect combination of educational opportunities and a careful selection of amenities heighten the value of living at One Sophia Condo, making it a top choice for families who value education. One Sophia Condo naturally provides the ultimate balance of educational and residential excellence in Singapore.

Besides the focus on education, One Sophia Condo offers a balanced lifestyle for families. With recreational facilities, parks, and community centers nearby, children and adults can experience various activities for relaxation and personal growth. This blending of academic excellence and leisure is important for the holistic development and overall wellbeing of young minds. The One Sophia Condo naturally provides an ideal environment to nurture and enrich the lives of people from all walks of life.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore has played a major role in defining the city-state’s urban landscape. Through its comprehensive Master Plan for Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut – two of the country’s most iconic areas – URA has devised a strategic blueprint designed to invigorate the vibrancy and appeal of those locations. This far-reaching plan, which will certainly benefit both the Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut regions, will also bring about positive changes for One Sophia Condo, located close by. In this insightful discussion, we will explore how the URA Master Plan can be beneficial for One Sophia Condo by increasing its value and attractiveness.

Units at One Sophia Condo are set to enjoy the advantages of a remarkably modernized district with strong infrastructure and amenities. The city has positioned its efforts towards providing its residents with a more comprehensive array of facilities including education and healthcare services; all within convenient proximity to the condo itself. This will not only add to the convenience of the condominium but also to the quality of life it offers and the desirability of the location. Furthermore, these amenities bring numerous benefits to the neighbourhood, lending it a sophisticated edge.

This area is home to several international schools such as Chatsworth International School and ISS International School, providing an excellent education option for expatriate families. The range of curriculum available to students includes the International Baccalaureate (IB), offering a truly global educational perspective. One Sophia Condo naturally is located close to these institutions, making it a desirable residence for international families.

A central aspect of the URA Master Plan is the inclusion of greater green spaces in the metropolitan area. Residents of One Sophia Condo are presented with a delightful sight, as more verdant greenery and open areas for rest and recreation complements the area. This reinvigorated landscape not only enhances the visual appeal of the area, but also benefits the wellbeing of those living there as they have an area to relax and escape the noise and congestion of city life. This addition of green spaces, such as One Sophia Condo, is a welcomed sight for all.
One Sophia Condo is also just a few minutes away from the elite Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, which has been producing excellent results among its students and graduates for decades.

Positioned just a stone’s throw away from St. Margaret’s Primary School, One Sophia Condo enjoys a prime spot with many advantages that make it the perfect choice for families with young children. St. Margaret’s has been known for its strong emphasis on holistic education and has been highly sought after by many parents. Besides this, the One Sophia Condo is also located nearby the renowned Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, a prestigious school that has been consistently producing excellent results among its student population for many decades. With the close proximity of these esteemed primary and secondary schools, young residents of One Sophia Condo are ensured quality education within a conducive learning environment.

For the privileged homeowners of One Sophia Condo, the transformation of Orchard Road offers a unique opportunity to live in an elevated living experience with direct access to some of the best shopping and leisure activities the city has to offer. With the transformation of Orchard Road likely to increase the footfall in the area, this will add to the vibrancy of the neighbourhood and potentially add to the property value of One Sophia Condo. As such, living in One Sophia Condo naturally provides a unique benefit to residents, adding to the allure and appeal of this desirable condo.

Situated in a prime location, One Sophia Condo is surrounded by a plethora of culinary offerings. From the sumptuous brunch spread at Wild Honey at Scotts Square to the no-frills local street food at Newton Food Centre, there is something for everyone. For those keen to indulge in a fine dining experience, Les Amis and Iggy’s on Orchard Road offer a tantalizing array of dishes to tantalize the taste buds. As an added bonus, One Sophia Condo residents have the convenient option of a wide selection of eateries to choose from all within easy reach.

Per the URA’s 2019 outline planning permission, One Sophia Condo can redevelop the site up to the existing gross floor area of approximately 604,578 square feet, envisioned as a mixed commercial and residential project. The intended makeup is 60% commercial and 40% residential space. One Sophia Condo naturally stands out from the crowd as the ideal destination for those seeking a fine and unique lifestyle.

The sale price for One Sophia Condo stands at S$650 million, which translates to a land rate of approximately S$1,426 per square foot per plot ratio, inclusive of a predicted lease top-up premium. Taking into account the added 7% bonus gross floor area for residential purposes, the rate works out to be around S$1,388 per square foot per plot ratio. Moreover, One Sophia Condo offers a great investment opportunity when it comes to real estate.
For residents of One Sophia Condo, the immediate neighbourhood has plenty of amenities.

For those who enjoy the convenience of motoring, the strategic location of One Sophia Condo offers unbeatable access to the rest of Singapore. Major arterial roads such as Orchard Road, Selegie Road, and Bras Basah Road provide the area with easy access to everywhere from the Central Business District to the Marina Bay area and Changi Airport. For those who wish to stay local, there are plenty of amenities near One Sophia Condo. Expressways such as the Central Expressway (CTE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) serve the area, allowing One Sophia Condo residents to quickly travel to any part of the island.

Set in the bustling cityscape of Singapore, One Sophia Condo offers a fittingly modern lifestyle, situated in the heart of some of the most renowned educational institutions in the city. This prime location renders it the perfect dwelling for families that are devoted to providing their children with top-notch educational opportunities, ranging from primary schooling to university levels. One Sophia Condo is thus the natural choice for those in search of a home that provides superior education.

Families residing at One Sophia Condo will certainly benefit from its proximity to some of the finest junior colleges in Singapore. Just a short distance away is Catholic Junior College, renowned for its strong academic curriculum and dynamic student life. Moreover, Raffles Junior College, one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation, is also within easy reach, providing a stimulating academic environment that facilitates intellectual and personal growth. With One Sophia Condo, families can conveniently access some of the finest educational resources available.

Situated just a short distance from One Sophia Condo, Orchard Road is Singapore’s top shopping destination. Home to luxury shopping malls including ION Orchard, Takashimaya and Paragon, it is the ideal spot for high-end shoppers and budget-conscious bargain hunters alike. The iconic ION Orchard boasts a modern exterior and an array of designer labels, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior. Takashimaya features a mixture of top-end and mid-priced stores, whereas Paragon brings to the table an elevated, sophisticated ambience with renowned names such as Gucci and Miu Miu.

One Sophia Condo, covering 76,617 square feet, has been designated for commercial use according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s 2019 Master Plan. This development has a gross plot ratio of 7.89. In March 2019, the Singapore Land Authority granted preliminary approval to renew the site’s lease, allowing for redevelopment up to a height of 55 meters, with portions potentially reaching up to 67 meters. The lease renewal also allows for the development of One Sophia Condo for the next 99 years.

Strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant urban landscape, One Sophia Condo offers a premium haven of modern living, providing exquisite access to the city’s excellent shopping and dining scenes. The condo is conveniently situated close to many of the city’s major shopping hubs such as Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset, and Orchard Road, making it a sought-after address for those who value the vibrancy and convenience of living in the city. One Sophia Condo is the perfect address for those who desire the ultimate urban lifestyle.

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